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Back to School

It’s almost that time again, as those of you with school age kids know, and even without, all you have to do is run to any store and see the advertising and displays of school supplies everywhere!

With back to school comes heavy backpacks, school sports resuming, earlier mornings and maybe even later nights!

Erin, what’s all that add up too? Tired parents and kids, needing a place to relieve stress and tension built up in your muscles. I am a Massage Therapist and I love helping the whole family feel better in their bodies, which is important for every age and gender. Though not every body presents with pain, most people do need massage regularly, meaning once a month or so. Some bodies need more, some bodies need less.

Something that sets me apart from your typical chain massage therapy business is that when you book a 1 hour massage with me, you get those full 60 minutes on the table. Each massage is customized to suit your needs, pressure and speed, area of the body….etc. Have a crazy calf pain you can’t work out, I’ll work on that specific area for the whole area, or until it’s chilling out and I’ll move to something else.

So what’s holding you back from scheduling a massage? Jump back to the Homepage and schedule an appointment now, you won’t regret it.

I’m offering $20 off for the rest of the month so get the whole family in and see results fast!

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