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Embrace Holistic Wellness: Staying Healthy Through Changing Seasons

Seasonal changes, and supporting your body with wellness helpers

The seasons are changing, though it’s obviously a little harder to tell here in Texas, but it’s coming! While most people gear up for cold and flu season, which isn’t actually a thing in my book, I gear up for boosting our immune systems and hurting our bodies through he seasonal changes plus the desire to eat all the treats that come around during these next few months.

Nourishing our bodies with good seasonal foods is on the top of my things to do every season, but the switch from fresh fruits and salad greens fresh from the garden, changes to warming foods as the days cool off. I love soups, and hearty comfort foods in the fall and winter months, don’t you? I try to focus on squashes and apples, and root veggies, meats go to more hearty cuts, I’ve recently found a deep love for chuck roast and even shared some recipes in a mom group I’m in recently that sparked some creativity for the kitchen too!

I also really love making my own homemade elderberry syrup to boost my family’s immune system, it’s so easy and such an easy way to add natural zinc and vitamin C to your diets.

Another important tool for staying healthy in any season is staying hydrated. I will literally talk about hydration forever. Here's the thing friends, hydration in MORE than just drinking a gallon of water a day. in fact too much water flushes all the minerals out and can actually cause you harm! There's about a hundred products on the market these days to boost mineral intake and I've tried a bunch, but I keep coming back to a splash of lemon juice and a pinch or Redmonds Real Salt, or Celtic Sea Salt...easily found at most grocery stores, and more budget friendly, with no bad versions of sweeteners added in, nor citric acid, which is often grown on mold!

Holistic wellness also encompasses the mind-body connection. Incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine to reduce stress and stay balanced throughout the year. This stuff looks so different for each person, but ive personally been working on breathwork, prayer, and I’m working on getting some form of yoga type movement back into my daily routine, as well as regular exercise. I personally thrive on a tight schedule, but am not that great at getting one integrated into my life. I’m a work in progress, we all are!

Take advantage of the changing seasons to switch up your exercise routine. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or jogging in the fresh air. Nature provides a beautiful backdrop for physical activity and can be a refreshing change from indoor workouts, though the heat of summer makes this challenging for some, me included. I’m definitely ready for these cooler mornings for walks and bike rides in my neighborhood!

Ensuring you get adequate rest regardless of the season is essential for the body to heal and rejuvenate. Make your sleep environment conducive to rest by adjusting room temperature, using blackout curtains, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule. I’ve always been a night owl, but my current season of life has me waking up at 530 am on weekdays to drop the teen off at school for drill team practice, but I still am struggling at getting to bed at the right time for my sleep needs. I’m a 9 hour a night girl, if I can help it, though 7 ensures I can make it through my day without issue!

Holistic wellness also involves social well-being, so stay connected with friends and family, even if it means adapting your gatherings to fit the season (think winter bonfires or summer BBQs). Social connections are essential for emotional health, as we were meant to live and interact with others daily, not just in a formal work setting but gathering for worship, meals and other casual, fun activities! I’ve found myself running a silent auction committee, a neighborhood block party, a book club, plus work, and family, and I notice my mental health is so much better when I’m busy than when I’m not, do you notice a difference too? I’m an ambivert, a half introvert and half extrovert so that’s fun…I have to keep balance in my social life or I feel off!

As the seasons change, our holistic wellness journey must evolve alongside them. By nourishing your body with seasonal foods, maintaining mindfulness, prioritizing hydration, and staying active, you can promote your well-being throughout the year. Remember that holistic health is a continuous process of self-care and adaptation, and embracing these changes will help you thrive in every season. So, as the leaves turn and the weather shifts, take this opportunity to recommit to your holistic wellness journey and savor the beauty of each season.

I’d love to swap recipes with you all too so come leave me a reply here and share your favorite fall/winter meal and I hope you’ll come join me in embracing the upcoming cozy season.

Stay well friends,


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