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Hobbies and motherhood

I've been thinking a lot lately about how our family has incorporated restful play into our lives and how I can share that model with you.

My kids are practically grown so its easier now than ever, but it's still something I like to be sure to practice. I am a classic ambivert, so while I enjoy social activities like an extrovert, I also NEEEEEED my me time!

So as a mom, that was a struggle because as you may know from your own experience as a mom, kids don't understand the meaning of me time! We may be touched out, noised out, overwhelmed as can be, but we sacrifice ourselves for our children when they need us. Ive been known to stay up way too late after the kids were in bed, just so I could bask in solitude for a couple of hours, which is what truly recharges my batteries?

Can you relate?

So over these mothering year, while I was in the trenches with smaller kids, I found that having a hobby really helped me find that time to recharge, and rest, but still do something fun.

Do you have hobbies? I have always wondered what sort of hobbies I would have, if I hadn't been a crafty girl since I can remember! I was a friendship making fools for years, played with beaded jewelry for years, and then I picked up scrapbooking as a new mom, then relearned how to crochet with my first neighbor as a mom! those hobbies kept me busy when my little one was asleep and helped me find an outlet. Then when baby number two arrived I found my way to knitting!

Family time is always important, time spent with your husband without the children is also very important, but I think that making sure we have things to do that refill our cups are super important as moms. So weigh in will you, tell me what you do to keep your cup full for your family!

This is a sweater I recently finished knitting that I gifted to my sister!

I've made a lot of these cute natural teeters with an organic knitting bunny ear, great for teething babies!

Lots of simple baby hats!

A simple bonnet too!

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