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May Flowers

Did you grow up doing mayday flowers in cute little paper cones and dropping them off at neighbors houses? I did and it’s not something I carried on in parenthood, and I don’t know why. I’ve been nostalgic about it lately so I’m thinking of doing something fun for May Day tomorrow in lieu of flowers for my neighbors!

May also brings a birthday in my family, as well as Mother’s Day. My first born beauty will be 22 on the 9th, and I can remember how excited we were to finally hold her in our arms all those years ago. Our babies were such a joy, I’m sure all you moms and expectant moms out there can relate to these feelings…nervousness, excitement, impatience, overwhelming emotions come with this territory.

In honor of May being my anniversary of Motherhood, I’m gifting you all with a $20 gift card when you book any massage with me in the month of May.

I’m also gifting either $200 off doula services booked in May, or free placenta encapsulation services for your birth booked in May. ***Baby can be due any month, but you must sign a contract with me in May 2023!

I hope May brings you so many blessings and so much joy!

<3 Erin

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