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Why Massage?

I’ve been asked a fair amount of the past few years, why I chose massage therapy as a career path, so here’s a break down!

I found massage therapy via a chiropractor I was seeing after my first car accident in 1997-98. I did the traditional physical therapy as was prescribed after seeing urgent care after the accident, and that definitely helped, but I needed more. I checked out a vendor booth at my local fair and found the chiropractor, I had seen chiropractic for parts of my childhood, but was interested in what this new doctor was offering me. I had my first massage and knew this was so beneficial to my body!

Fast forward a few years to being married, in a new state and pregnant with my first child, I had a fair amount of pubic symphysis dysfunction as well as sciatica, which made working and moving around in general pretty tough. I found a local massage therapist and got as many prenatal massages as we could afford at the time, and it really helped. When my daughter was a year and half or so old, I started thinking about going back to school, I wasn’t super sure I wanted to continue following the nursing school path I had been on before we got married, so I started looking for other ideas. I’ve always loved helping people, so I know that was something that needed to be part of my life. I contemplated massage therapy school at that time but I was worried about what that would like as a mom with a little baby!

Super fast forward to our move to England in 2013, I found the sweetest community there, and fell in love with birthwork and became a doula In 2014 after witnessing my first ever homebirth! It was that day that I knew that a holistic career path was perfect for me.

We moved back to the US in 2017 and I rebooted my doula business but wanted to offer my clients more, and that’s when I revisited becoming a massage therapist. It seemed like a perfect thing to offer my pregnant clients, plus I know the benefits that it has for all bodies, mine included! So in 2018 I started massage school in Albuquerque, NM. I fell in love with the therapeutic aspects of massage therapy, including trigger point, myofascial and deep tissue massage. I also fell in love with the relaxing benefits of giving my pregnant clients feel better in their bodies too! Prenatal massage is such a lovely way to pamper a mom and I absolutely love all my prenatal clients. I’m curious by nature and exploring my clients muscles to find the biological reason behind why they have pain or loss of range of motion, helping with a sports injury or repetitive movement injury is just so rewarding for me! When clients come in with something bothering them, and walk out saying, “wow I feel so much better already!” Makes my day more than you know! My relaxation seeking clients walking out sleepy eyed, hair disheveled and looking “massage drunk” is also so exciting.

Basically, I just love making you guys feel better!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into why I am who I am, and I hope to see you in the massage room soon.


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