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New Service added!

Friends, I have added a new service to my list of offerings! I hope you like it.

This one is just for the pregnant moms, and I can't wait to serve more of you, in YOUR home!

This service is known as outcall in the massage world, and I am only offering it to the moms to-be. Here's the details...

I need a space for the massage table, approximately 4' x 6' minimum! You'll want this to be a safe, calm space for you to relax in, preferably with a door to close us off from the distractions of the house. I will be requiring payment to be made in full with this offering, at the time you schedule the appointment, for my protection!

I will bring the table, and all the things I need, I just need space and a restroom accessible.

Who is this for specifically, Pregnant moms from the beginning of pregnancy, up to labor! I will happily bring my table to you to assist you through labor, as the relaxing effects of massage can be so beneficial to a great labor and birth experience.

Any questions, drop me an email at

See you soon!


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