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New Services Added!

I am learning and expanding to serve you all better!

This summer Ive been on a journey to become a Childbirth educator with Birth Boot camp, and I am so excited to announce that I am now BBCI Certified. This gives me the distinct pleasure of ushering new parents to be through the process of learning as much as they can about pregnancy and childbirth and how to be best prepared for it!

I chose Birth Boot camp because I could see how MUCH amazing information they offered, it is constantly changing and evolving with the evolution of new information for the birth world, and gives us such an amazing program to follow and teach from.

I will begin offering my first 10 week comprehensive classes in January 2024. This class is 10, 2.5 hour classes for up to 4 couples. The price is $400, with a $100 Deposit due immediately to cover supplies and hold your spot in class. You will receive a workbook, plus when you finish the class you will feel so prepared for childbirth. Please feel free to email me for any questions you have.

I will also offer this same class on a personal level, just you and your partner, for $500 for the 10 weeks.

Other class offerings will be listed under my Childbirth Education tab, and will be updated regularly!

I also just Certified this week to offer Postpartum Massage, and infant massage. I am so excited to be able to help nurture you postpartum moms even more now, plus with your first postpartum massage I will happily show you how to give your sweet bundle of joy a massage that will allow you to comfort them and bond with them on a different level!

Postpartum massages can be done in office, but I am also beyond happy to bring my table and supplies to you, especially in those first few weeks when you should be staying in the comfort of your own home as you heal and revoker and bond with your new baby!

Postpartum massage can be done as early as 24 hours after birth. Email me for more information!

I look forward to serving even more of you in the future!



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